Hunger & Thirst for Righteousness

A life journal post from April 18th, 2011:

Hunger & Thirst for Righteousness

Scripture: Matthew 5:6
"Blessed are those who hunger & thirst for righteousness, for they shall be satisfied."

Observation: This verse instantly made me think of the Ps 11:7 verse I wrote about. I decided to read it with the definition of righteousness in the verse. "Blessed are those who seek to be blameless for they shall be satisfied." Do I seek to be blameless? Or do I just want to try and make sure I don't get caught doing something I shouldn't be doing? Generally I am the type of person who anticipates the consequences of my actions before I do something. Before I used to break rules or cross boundaries I would ask myself, "Can I handle the consequence of this or would I be upset?" Usually I would justify my actions and do what I wanted. Looking at this now makes me realize how foolish I was. If I have an intent, a desire for living a blameless life I won't want to cross boundaries- instead I will want to imitate Christ as much as I can. I will strive to lead a blameless life- being the best representation of Him as I can. Now I'm not naive enough to think that I won't mess up, fall down or be dumb sometimes but I know that He forgives me- making it possible for me to pick myself back up, dust myself off and try again.

Application: I will strive to follow Christ's example and live a life that reflects His blameless one. I will also receive His grace and mercy when I don't measure up.

Prayer: Lord, I want to HUNGER and THIRST to live a righteous life like you did. Guide me and teach me how to do this. Put that desire in my heart.

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