The American Way

To quote my history book:
Economic abundance would eventually come to define the "American way of life" in which personal fulfillment was to be found through acquiring material goods"

flooded with positivity

Encouragement. Positivity. Genuine Love. These are all things that are rarely seen anymore. When you do, these sitings are very few and far between. This weekend I saw them though.
It feels so strange to see someone that knew you when you were a kid and now see you becoming an adult and just encourage the heck outta ya. This weekend I went to the Class C basketball tourney with my dad. He loves going to it and it's always so much fun spending listening to his commentary. We had the chance to see an old boss of his. Ever since I was little I loved this guy. He invited my brother and me out to his house to ride horses and was always such a kind man. It has been so long since I had the chance to see him. At the tournament he came and just flooded the place with positivity. It almost seemed strange to me. Here was a man that cares so much about other people, he knows what life is about. I feel like sometimes I am surrounded by people that just focus on themselves and want to profit for themselves. He wasn't like that at all.
It felt like getting to spend a little bit of time with a family member you haven't seen in a long time. Such a cool thing! There are very few people I seek affirmation from- but getting that pat on the back from him made me want to keep putting all my efforts into life. It's strange how certain people can do that for you.