and sometimes you just need an orchestra

every once in a while I have my music cravings switch to something I put on the back shelf.
Yelling music has been a NO WAY lately... Until today.
I had to have some Manchester Orchestra. At my job we rarely listen to anything outside of worship music so it was weird to all of a sudden feel like my day wasn't moving without something out of the blue. I don't do any screaming music much more than that but I was craving it today. And I must say that its just as lovely as I remembered :)

On a different note, I'm signed up for classes. I am going back to school for a degree in Elementary Education. Wow. I start the second week in January. I'm excited but super nervous too. It feels like such a big thing right now but I know that soon enough it will be routine again and I'll be dreading all the fun homework all over again :)

I'm off to figure out what books I need.