Photo Project #1

So after I decided I wanted to do the 50 photography projects I finally have a couple ready for a post. About 2 months after I did the shoot I finally got two of the ones I actually liked edited. The day I took the pictures it was freezing outside. I need to find a better time to try and take them because Saturday mornings here are just flat out crazy. I am still creating a list of locations I want to go shoot, so I guess you can say that Project #1 will be on going for a while.

Here are the two I took on February 18th:

Both were taken at a church in downtown Billings. I had originally planned on taking some of a very detailed church close to this one- but the day that I went there a funeral was going on, and out of respect I figured I could find a different church to take pictures of that day.
The good news is it is finally starting to look like Spring so I will be able to be outside so much more.

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