About Me

Hey! I'm Bri and this is my blog. I write about my thoughts, things that happen in my life, photography and once in a while its just a place for me to write so I can navigate through life... I am a Christian and love God more than anything. I am trying to find my place and figure out what I want to do with my life. I want to develop my photography, and I am also back in school pursuing a degree in elementary and secondary education with a focus on history and special ed. I grew up in Montana, left for a couple years and went to a Bible College in North Dakota. I am back in Montana after getting my AA in Business Administration, now at a different university. I have the opportunity of working with kids everyday and I absolutely love it! I appreciate where I grew up but I don't see myself staying here. I am planing my next escape and trying to figure out where God is going to lead me :) This blog is helping me document that journey... Thanks for stopping by