Freaking out Friday

Holy Moses.
Today has already been so weird that I would like a do over and I've only been up for 2 hours!
But the good news is:
1-it's Friday
2-one week from today will be my last day at this job :)
3-I am having a fabulous hair day
4-I get to spend some time with a good friend tonite and not worry about waking up early for work tomorrow

Some of the things that make today kinda weird/rough:
1-while I was inside at the coffee shop this morning someone left one of those witnessing tracks under my windshield wiper. I really don't mind if people do that, except when it's pouring rain. Like it is today. I made me want to swear. Not be saved from eternal damnation.
2- tonite I am going to the nursing home to see my great grandma who has suffered from Alzheimer's. The last time I went to see her I left bawling my eyes out, and that was a year ago. They think she doesn't have much time left. She has wanted to go "home" for a long time now, something like 7 years now. It is so hard to know how confused she is and how much she just wants to be in heaven with her husband and son. I love her and I can't imagine what tonite will feel like. Prayers would be greatly appreciated.

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