You don't know Jack ;)

This weekend was a busy one. Between visiting family, cooking and pumpkin carving- it kept me pretty busy. Saturday our house smelled like BBQ and beer thanks to the yummy recipe that I tried out.

The beer made the chicken completely fall apart and it was just flat out amazing.
I am going to use it to make nachos tonite too. Yumm!

On Sunday a couple of my friends and I met up and carved pumpkins :) I do believe this has become an annual tradition. Last year my friend Kayla and myself collaborated and made a hand turkey pumpkin :)

This year tho I do believe I topped it...

Pre carving :)

First side :) Go sox! And then came jack...

We all had fun carving and then settled in to watch Nightmare Before Christmas :) it was a perfect fall day

Our little works of art :)

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