A Few Of My Favorite Things

Today is my day to clean, clean, clean and do a little bit of cooking too :)
While I was cleaning I remembered why I love Mrs. Meyers Clean Day products. I worked at World Market for a summer when I was home from college and first was introduced to this line there. I LOVE the lavendar scent. It makes me happy to clean.

The other cleaner I like to use is Method Wood For Good wipes. They also smell good and make my furniture look great.
wood for good® surface wipes
Right now my iPhone is being updated... and taking forever... and people keep texting me and interrupting it. It has to start all over again. So while I'm waiting for it I thought I would look at some new cases for it. I love the one it's wearing but I like to switch it every so often. The one that it is in right now is from Tech Candy. When I was in Red Lodge this summer, a friend and I found the cases at a little shop. I have the Bordeaux Case and I love it. Grey just makes my heart happy so I usually keep it in that one, but once in a while I'll change it to orange too :)

In about 5 minutes here I am going to start cooking dinner. I came across a Lemon Chicken recipe on Pinterest (love love love Pinterest). It looks amazing and we have a bunch of lemons that need to be used up.
Lemon Chicken Breast

These past couple days I've been pretty good about working out, and I love how good I've been feeling when I get done. This morning I did this workout (also found on Pinterest but was without a source).
Pinned Image
By the end I was ready to go home and have a nice big glass of cold water. I think I will do this one other day this week too. I have been getting in the habit of writing out a workout schedule, it makes it a lot easier to go and do it. I am the queen of excuses when it comes to making it to the gym. But I need to change my habits and lifestyle so I have been MAKING myself go. Eating healthy is the other part of it. I do pretty well when I have a plan but when I'm on the go and didn't prepare something I turn to junk. I feel so much better, and my skin, Holy Cow! my skin. It has cleared up so much. I am so happy about that. I have been drinking way more water and been taking these multi-vitamins from Complete Nutrition.They are super good about sending out cupons and stuff in the mail so I can keep it pretty cost effective and still make sure I am getting the vitamins I need.

I also take the Vita-Clear vitamins from Pro-Active (another life saver).

I really like seeing a change (and feeling one too) when I start taking care of myself. Its such a great feeling. Well I'm off to cook, then to church. :)
{PS None of the companies or products were sponsored nor was I paid anything to write about any of it- I just like the stuff}

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