50 Photography Projects

Happy Valentines Day!

Feb 14, 2011

So I haven’t been all that dedicated to blogging on here. I am going to be changing that quite a bit. I want to incorporate some of my photography so I decided to start an (almost) year long photography project series. The idea came from a Lee Frost book, 50 Photo Projects. I am wanting to get a better understanding of using my camera and getting some fun new pictures. I think having a weekly project/goal will give something to be creative with and make me get out of my comfort zone. It will also give me an opportunity to blog each week (at least once). This way I will also figure out what lens I want to get. Every week I am going to read and used the ideas from the book to go out and take some pictures of something new.

This week I’m starting out with Architecture with Attitude.

The first thing I’m going to be looking for is a local place that I will be able to find some new and interesting shots. I’m thinking I will be mainly looking in downtown Billings or maybe even heading out to Laurel and trying to find some out there. I know that there should be some cool architecture downtown. Even if it isn’t that modern, there should be some cool opportunities. The hardest part with this is having daylight to shoot this. I work a 8-5 so I think these projects will be easier once the spring comes and the days get longer but in the mean-time hopefully I have some good light on weekends so I can do some cool shots. Although in the book he suggests that for this first project, a lot of buildings look best right after the sun goes down, so I may be in luck.
Off we go…
*Disclaimer- Amazon did not ask me to link to them nor did Lee Frost or his publisher ask me to suggest the book~ I just think its a good/fun project :)

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