It's been a while

The past couple weeks have been so busy that I haven't been able to write, even though had intentions to I just never got the chance.

I will say that I absolutely love my new job. On monday I will have worked there for 3 weeks and it has been such a change. I know there will be frustrating days, there are at every job, but I have been so blessed with it. There has been one downside to working in an office with kids, I have been sick all day yesterday and today. To whoever created Tylenol Cold Multi-Symptom liquid medicine, I would like to send you a thank you card. It's the only thing that has helped me breath and lets my head have a break.

So today has been spent in bed watching Psych season 2 and the first season of Castle. Which I def know has helped ;) Today I wanted nothing more than to be outside in the beautiful weather (that everyone keeps reminding me we had) doing some photography. It always seems that the days I'm dying to shoot I am not able to. But maybe tomorrow this junk will be gone and I'll be able to get out again. Tonite I will spend some time going through all this new amazing music and cleaning up my space. I had big plans for the weekend but they will all need to be put on hold. I need some rest and to get healthy again.

So these last couple weeks I have practically fell off the fitness wagon. I went to the gym once this last week. It may have been a great work out but it hasn't been consistant enought to make any difference. I need to make it a priority. It's just not something I'm ok with putting off anymore. I've done alot to start making myself a priority instead of being a footnote but this is one thing that just is difficult for me to get into the habit of. I've made it too easy on myself to come up with excuses. Needs to change.

I haven't been looking at blogs in the last two weeks either. It's crazy getting caught up on weekends. I feel like this will be a good one to get caught up on blogs, a couple books I'm trying to finish, and if I'm feeling better tomorrow, some recipes I've been wanting to cook.

Oh and speaking of cooking, last weekend I made this soup for my family. I lightened up the recipe a bit but it turned out great and tasted a lot like the Zuppa soup from the Olive Garden.

It was perfect for a fall weekend.
Well I'm off to rest. Hope you have a restful weekend as well :)

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