extended weekend

These are two of the main things my extra long weekend have consisted of. The other two are Gilmore Girls and sleeping, thank God.

I absolutely love the fact I have 4 days off in a row. Every year I would have had to drag myself back into work on Friday but instead I had the chance to lay around, be lazy and catch up on my z's :)

I don't do the whole Black Friday shopping anymore. People have become too mean and there wasn't anything I needed badly enough to get up at midnight and fighting my way to a parking spot, fighting my way into a line, into the store, into the aisles, and into the checkout. Rinse lather repeat as you hop from store to store. Bleh. Nothing could convince me to do it this year. I don't know why all the fun of it is gone, but it definitely is.

I did have the pleasure of this little guy helping me put the finishing touches (robots) on my tree:)
One of my favorite things about my tree is that I have included some old play cars that belonged to my Grampa. Liam loves my Grampa just as much as I do, he also likes checkin out all the toys.

This little boy is full of love and lets you know it all the time. Melts my heart every time I get to see him.

Tomorrow I am spending the day with my camera and then its back to work for me. I'm soaking up every last minute of this that I can. I love my job but I also love sleep :)

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