Lovely Wednesday


So today I am wanting to throw a couple things out here to show you whats inspiring me today (or just making my day lovely) First of all...

This awesome tutorial. How many times have I seen a painting or a print in Good will and tried to imagine how on earth I would use it to decorate. Well, the answer is to make an amazing piece of song lyrics wall art :)

Next up is Pinterest. This site can steal my entire day if I'm not careful... Its one giant virtual pinboard for you to sort, browse and organize things that you like, inspire you or just flat out fall in love with. It makes my heart happy everytime I log in :)

Smokey Rolls Down Thunder Canyon

The last one I'm gonna up on here today (even though there are hundreds of things that are making today rock) is the song "I Remember" by Devenra Banhart. With the weather being chilly and rainy outside, I am totally loving having such a chill soundtrack to work to. I found the "Smokey Rolls Down Thunder Canyon" album from seeing the movie Daydream Nation. The song "Bad Girl" caught my attention and thanks to sound hound I had the album purchased and downloaded before the movie was over. I love it when I'm able to find new music that completely calms me.

Hope you're having a great Wednesday :) almost to the weekend!

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