Today has made me one thankful girl...

Ok, this will sould pretty nerdy... But I really do love school. I mean granted I have lost pretty much all of the social life I had due to homework and work, BUT I really do love all my classes so far. These first couple weeks have been slightly stressful because you have to figure out what it is that each teacher wants from you in the assignments given, but man am I learning. I love learning. Even learning about learning makes my lil heart happy :)
I was having a hard time at first being at a larger school than the first one I attended mainly because of the lack of communication- but today I discovered something that pretty much made up for EVERYTHING (at least in my mind right now ;)
My school links up with an online tutoring service that is- get this- FREE. School has had me slightly stressed  because of the draining of my wallent factor but man today this was a God-sent gift! Man, physics can make my brain hurt but this defininately helped me so much. Thank you MSUB. Seriously I am a little bit more ok with you taking my money now :)

Off to do some more homework (imagine that!) but I have gotten most of it done.
Hope your Sunday is treating ya right!

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