Thanks to some determined hours and that unquenching need for perspective I have finally been able to knock some books off my "to-read" list! Life of Pi was wrapped up back in may but since then homework has sucked the life and spare time from me. Once in a while I'd pick up The Book Thief and try making headway but my time was quickly ate up. Within the past couple days I have been able to just soak myself in words. The Book Thief? Finished, loved it- every last depressing German bombing of a word. One of my favorites, The Great Gatsby, also re-read. Next is 1984 by George Orwell. Also a crisp copy of Lord of the Flies is waiting for me as well. I've never read either 1984 or lord of the flies and I'm looking forward to them both. I've stashed a few copies of some more of my favorites to re-read like Ender's Game and the Catcher in the Rye. Something about classics makes me want to grab a cup of coffee (no matter how hot it is outside) and just read for hours.

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